Does Pherazone Ultra Work on All Women?

Does Pherazone Work on all women? Recently, I started using Pherazone pheromones to see how effective they would be in attracting hot women. I am sitting at a sem-fancy cafe. Discussing pickup with 2 buddies. A woman walks by, she looks at us and asks what cologne I was wearing. I look her in the eyes and do a small wave. She comes over (note: fantasy from reality mismatch, most likely). I say "you have a beautiful smile." She laughs, realizing that I haven't seen her smile yet. I say "see? It's beautiful."


Looking at this scene I thought. Holy shit! These pheromones must be work. Thank you Pherazone. Sure there are some way too positive fantasy elements in there for me but I bet I can tweak it into something more realistic.


Back to using pheromones …. My pickup friends laugh, because they're surprised. "Don't mind these 2," I say. "They are just as surprised as I am of what I'm doing." (note: slight mismatch again) "It is..." I stand up and walk past her that she turns around while I'm the only able to see the table with my 2 friends eagerly watching "...that you are very stunning." I pause while I look her in the eyes. "Who are you?" She tells me her name. I extend my hand. She extends hers.  Learn more at


When I grab her hand I twist a little "I'm Ricky" and raise it up and give her a hand kiss. Still building up the tension with my eyes. I ask her what she's doing here. She gives me a small story about how she's meeting her friends. I say that's good to hear and that we have something in common. Then I tell her that I have business to attend to with these 2 gentlemen and ask for her number. She hands me her phone and while she walks away I tell her "it was lovely meeting you, until next time."


By this point I was confident my Pherazone pheromones were having an effect on her.


I can't believe myself how smooth everything is going in this fantasy, since I'm not a gentleman at all. Where is this coming from? I ask myself whilst showering. How do I have a feel for this? I mean, sure there are some definite moments where I probably can't pull off what I did in the fantasy. Or moments where things might've gone slightly different where I'd have a harder time keeping the frame. The thing is I am not a gentleman. Where the hell did this come from?


I think to myself and then I suddenly realize that these are all fantasies. They are not my fantasies. They are dreams of my ex-girlfriend. Dreams of what I could have been to her. Dreams of what she was longing for me to be. Dreams that I didn't give a fuck about, because I wanted to be me! . But in all of our conversations about this particular issue, I did listen. I listened to what she had to say. It was interesting and mildly amusing.