Chikara Pheromone Cologne For Men

Chikara is a pheromone cologne for men to attract women.  Men & womens pheromones are different in their chemical formulation and thus our sexual impulses differ according to


From a biological standpoint women are recipients of sex and man is giver. Females are also constrained to have child from single male in one reproductive cycle, while males are free to spread the seed on as many available females as possible. Reproduction of course is not something you consider every time you have sex, but it is what shapes our sexual instincts anyway.


Considering this ... Take this into consideration when using Chikara pheromones.


The optimal strategy for woman is to appeal to the best male and get fucked by him.

The optimal strategy for man is to hunt down as many females and fuck them.


As male you sexual instinct is to have variability no matter your morals. We as man cope with this in the following ways:



- You believe you have the moral highground and that monogamy is a win in the long run

- You are in monogamous relationship and use porn as a substitute.



- You are in monogamous relationship, but it is farce, because you fuck on the side

- You are openly polygamous.


So, when using Chikra pheromones you can increase your chances of having sex with beautiful women. As you can see monogamy is about suppressing your basic instinct. This leads to unfulfillement and/or boredom towards your partner. You can remedy that to a point by managing the time you spend with her. 


There is one more fine detail. Not all pheromones are created equal. You will get the best results using a cologne that has a high pheromone concentration and pleasing aromatic scent. When you give up freedom you have, you empower someone/something. In the case of monogamy you empower a woman and she becomes your sole source of intimacy.


Understanding Pheromones and Women


Women are so incredibly dynamic, I do not want to have sex with another woman that isn't aligned with me.. It's like eating something spicy when your stomach is acidic.. Or hanging out with someone that you don't see as your friend. Learn more about Chikara pheromone cologne for men.


In order to get to this level of pheromonal insight, you must be detached from your world, you must be living yourself fully immersed in the experience of it.. And as you do, you stop objectifying the things around you and you start to gauge them for the true qualities that they have - You gauge them this way because the qualities they have are the qualities you share yourself with her.


When you are committed to a woman that is completely aligned with you, you are sharing yourself with them just as they are sharing themselves with you. You remain the leader, you remain the dominant source of the energy and she remains the partner, the feminine source of the energy. You become a powerhouse that energizes both to higher degrees than any other way could be possible. Chikara pheromone cologne is sold by