Sexy Pheromones Cologne


The pheromone-receiving VNO lies just inside the nose. When you kiss someone, your nose nuzzles his or her upper lip, which allows your VNO to receive the pheromones housed there. And the person kissing you is simultaneously re- ceiving your pheromones. Thus, a kiss is most certainly not just a kiss; it is a way to get closer to another person’s pheromones and to inhale those molecules deep into the nose—and into the realm of the sixth sense. 


 Now that we know pheromones are so highly involved in the kiss, it makes even more sense that this act of love and affection is still a favored aspect of the pheromone connection, particularly the connection between lovers.  

Who hasn't experienced soul-stirring sexual chemistry or t V tapping of feisty neurochemicals deep inside the brain? Being love is like drinking a miraculous elixir, one that makes you younger, more alive, more desirable and attractive. 


Your pheromones, in turn, debrief you about your potent’ love interests. They kindly let you know if something wonderful stands to happen or if the relationship is a dud destined to a distant corner of the memory rather than the bedroom. 


Your husband still makes your heart pound after a decade of marriage. Is it his handsome face, his way with children, his steel blue eyes? Or, is it his pheromones?


You are madly in love with a woman for the first time in your life. Is it her smile, her way with words, the way she dresses? Maybe her pheromones draw you to her.


You are so in tune with your newborn baby that you find yourself stopping several times a day to contemplate the bond between you and your child. Is this connection facilitated by the intimacy of the birth process, or by the fact that you are the child’s primary caregiver? Or, is it that you and your infant share an unparalleled ability to communicate with pheromones?


You can’t stand to be in the same room with the neighbor across the street. As you wrestle for a reasonable explanation for this ongoing dislike, the intuitive side of your psyche reminds you that the situation may just be the result of bad chemistry. You don’t like this person’s pheromones. Check out the best male pheromone cologne |


Why do we fall for a particular person, or form lasting into the world of pheromonal communication and the sense.


The mysteries of human attraction and interaction continue: confound us. Sometimes we struggle to assign words thoughts to our experiences. Ongoing research into human behavior has given us some answers, but despite this progress still search for insights. We crave information about ourselves about why we do what we do. Learn more about pheromones |


But pheromones can be a bit frustrating at times.


The pheromones, which we process unconsciously, are not easy define. They can’t be labeled, because we can’t explain with precision what pheromones mean to us and do to us. But when you step back from our need to define and categorize events, and experiences, it dawns on us that the elusive nature »‘ pheromones doesn’t detract from their signficance. Learn more at



Even if can’t pin down the workings of pheromones with absolute city, we don’t deny their presence. Who would be bold enough to discount the intuition of the sixth sense? Would you do that you have feelings and thoughts that seem to be govern by a sensory system quite different from your senses of smell, taste, touch, hearing, and sight? Would you refute the presence of chemical signals, or pheromones, in your life? Would you insist that you’ve never felt good or bad chemistry? Check out