Does Pherazone Ultra Work on All Women?

Does Pherazone Work on all women? Recently, I started using Pherazone pheromones to see how effective they would be in attracting hot women. I am sitting at a sem-fancy cafe. Discussing pickup with 2 buddies. A woman walks by, she looks at us and asks what cologne I was wearing. I look her in the eyes and do a small wave. She comes over (note: fantasy from reality mismatch, most likely). I say "you have a beautiful smile." She laughs, realizing that I haven't seen her smile yet. I say "see? It's beautiful."


Looking at this scene I thought. Holy shit! These pheromones must be work. Thank you Pherazone. Sure there are some way too positive fantasy elements in there for me but I bet I can tweak it into something more realistic.


Back to using pheromones …. My pickup friends laugh, because they're surprised. "Don't mind these 2," I say. "They are just as surprised as I am of what I'm doing." (note: slight mismatch again) "It is..." I stand up and walk past her that she turns around while I'm the only able to see the table with my 2 friends eagerly watching "...that you are very stunning." I pause while I look her in the eyes. "Who are you?" She tells me her name. I extend my hand. She extends hers.  Learn more at


When I grab her hand I twist a little "I'm Ricky" and raise it up and give her a hand kiss. Still building up the tension with my eyes. I ask her what she's doing here. She gives me a small story about how she's meeting her friends. I say that's good to hear and that we have something in common. Then I tell her that I have business to attend to with these 2 gentlemen and ask for her number. She hands me her phone and while she walks away I tell her "it was lovely meeting you, until next time."


By this point I was confident my Pherazone pheromones were having an effect on her.


I can't believe myself how smooth everything is going in this fantasy, since I'm not a gentleman at all. Where is this coming from? I ask myself whilst showering. How do I have a feel for this? I mean, sure there are some definite moments where I probably can't pull off what I did in the fantasy. Or moments where things might've gone slightly different where I'd have a harder time keeping the frame. The thing is I am not a gentleman. Where the hell did this come from?


I think to myself and then I suddenly realize that these are all fantasies. They are not my fantasies. They are dreams of my ex-girlfriend. Dreams of what I could have been to her. Dreams of what she was longing for me to be. Dreams that I didn't give a fuck about, because I wanted to be me! . But in all of our conversations about this particular issue, I did listen. I listened to what she had to say. It was interesting and mildly amusing.


Chikara Pheromone Cologne For Men

Chikara is a pheromone cologne for men to attract women.  Men & womens pheromones are different in their chemical formulation and thus our sexual impulses differ according to


From a biological standpoint women are recipients of sex and man is giver. Females are also constrained to have child from single male in one reproductive cycle, while males are free to spread the seed on as many available females as possible. Reproduction of course is not something you consider every time you have sex, but it is what shapes our sexual instincts anyway.


Considering this ... Take this into consideration when using Chikara pheromones.


The optimal strategy for woman is to appeal to the best male and get fucked by him.

The optimal strategy for man is to hunt down as many females and fuck them.


As male you sexual instinct is to have variability no matter your morals. We as man cope with this in the following ways:



- You believe you have the moral highground and that monogamy is a win in the long run

- You are in monogamous relationship and use porn as a substitute.



- You are in monogamous relationship, but it is farce, because you fuck on the side

- You are openly polygamous.


So, when using Chikra pheromones you can increase your chances of having sex with beautiful women. As you can see monogamy is about suppressing your basic instinct. This leads to unfulfillement and/or boredom towards your partner. You can remedy that to a point by managing the time you spend with her. 


There is one more fine detail. Not all pheromones are created equal. You will get the best results using a cologne that has a high pheromone concentration and pleasing aromatic scent. When you give up freedom you have, you empower someone/something. In the case of monogamy you empower a woman and she becomes your sole source of intimacy.


Understanding Pheromones and Women


Women are so incredibly dynamic, I do not want to have sex with another woman that isn't aligned with me.. It's like eating something spicy when your stomach is acidic.. Or hanging out with someone that you don't see as your friend. Learn more about Chikara pheromone cologne for men.


In order to get to this level of pheromonal insight, you must be detached from your world, you must be living yourself fully immersed in the experience of it.. And as you do, you stop objectifying the things around you and you start to gauge them for the true qualities that they have - You gauge them this way because the qualities they have are the qualities you share yourself with her.


When you are committed to a woman that is completely aligned with you, you are sharing yourself with them just as they are sharing themselves with you. You remain the leader, you remain the dominant source of the energy and she remains the partner, the feminine source of the energy. You become a powerhouse that energizes both to higher degrees than any other way could be possible. Chikara pheromone cologne is sold by

Top Pheromones For Guys

I still think using the top pheromones this case scenario works best. If you be honest with her, she may see that you're not really into a relationship and, if she's not into that too, you can move on together without bad feelings on how pheromones work.


Just listen to her and clear things up. But hey, make sure you don't fall on the friendzone. If she started to acting like this because another guy, she may start to tell you everything about it and you may find yourself in a difficult position on pheromone production.


A lot of this depends on if you're seeing other girls as well.


If you're seeing other girls... it really doesn't matter how she behaves around your pheromones, so long as you don't supplicate to it (i.e. she acts like a dickhead or a spoiled brat and you pander to her)... because if she acts up, you can stop seeing her that way, just be a friend and turn your attention back to the other girl(s).


You seem to have set the standard well enough (not doing the constant texting / boyfriend-girlfriend thing)... so her expectations are reasonably well set (i.e. you haven't misled her, which is good).


Zac makes some great points and I'd say all the fellas are on target pheromone production.


Just lead with honesty mate.


At the moment she's probably got shit on her mind (if she did indeed say she didn't want you to have her number anymore and it was meant in the way it seems, and now she's "flip-flopping")... so there'll only be repeats of this shit again later


Nip it in the bud, buddy.


Or ignore it and put your fingers up somebody else's pussy


Remember, most of the time, girls won't volunteer information they want you to know... subtext... you either gotta figure it all out, or just grab her and say "Bitch - WHAT???"


Just want to update.


Found a new bird (girl 1), amazing, Spanish, sexy, sex is insane. She's only in my country for 6-7 months, potentially longer if she manages to get a job.


The girl (lets call her girl 2)  (the one this thread is about) is now pursing me (how the tables have turned), she even read my mind (or somehow read this thread haha) and now is on some diet, and looking after her health. She is always asking me out weekly, i'm politely telling her i'm busy or don't have time. She knows I wear Pherazone which many consider to be the top pheromones. Learn more at and


Now i want to break it off with girl 2 her and pursue this other bird (eventhough it might be short term).


I'm thinking - One more meetup (she wants to go to the movies & i really want to go - we have similar interest in films) with girl 2, vibe: friend to friend not man to women, hopefully she picks up i'm no longer sexually interested.  Then leave it like that.


I don't want to lose the friendship. So i need to be super careful on how I proceed. Any advice?


I'm bad with words, i rather show my disinterest in behavior influenced by human pheromones.

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Sexy Pheromones Cologne


The pheromone-receiving VNO lies just inside the nose. When you kiss someone, your nose nuzzles his or her upper lip, which allows your VNO to receive the pheromones housed there. And the person kissing you is simultaneously re- ceiving your pheromones. Thus, a kiss is most certainly not just a kiss; it is a way to get closer to another person’s pheromones and to inhale those molecules deep into the nose—and into the realm of the sixth sense. 


 Now that we know pheromones are so highly involved in the kiss, it makes even more sense that this act of love and affection is still a favored aspect of the pheromone connection, particularly the connection between lovers.  

Who hasn't experienced soul-stirring sexual chemistry or t V tapping of feisty neurochemicals deep inside the brain? Being love is like drinking a miraculous elixir, one that makes you younger, more alive, more desirable and attractive. 


Your pheromones, in turn, debrief you about your potent’ love interests. They kindly let you know if something wonderful stands to happen or if the relationship is a dud destined to a distant corner of the memory rather than the bedroom. 


Your husband still makes your heart pound after a decade of marriage. Is it his handsome face, his way with children, his steel blue eyes? Or, is it his pheromones?


You are madly in love with a woman for the first time in your life. Is it her smile, her way with words, the way she dresses? Maybe her pheromones draw you to her.


You are so in tune with your newborn baby that you find yourself stopping several times a day to contemplate the bond between you and your child. Is this connection facilitated by the intimacy of the birth process, or by the fact that you are the child’s primary caregiver? Or, is it that you and your infant share an unparalleled ability to communicate with pheromones?


You can’t stand to be in the same room with the neighbor across the street. As you wrestle for a reasonable explanation for this ongoing dislike, the intuitive side of your psyche reminds you that the situation may just be the result of bad chemistry. You don’t like this person’s pheromones. Check out the best male pheromone cologne |


Why do we fall for a particular person, or form lasting into the world of pheromonal communication and the sense.


The mysteries of human attraction and interaction continue: confound us. Sometimes we struggle to assign words thoughts to our experiences. Ongoing research into human behavior has given us some answers, but despite this progress still search for insights. We crave information about ourselves about why we do what we do. Learn more about pheromones |


But pheromones can be a bit frustrating at times.


The pheromones, which we process unconsciously, are not easy define. They can’t be labeled, because we can’t explain with precision what pheromones mean to us and do to us. But when you step back from our need to define and categorize events, and experiences, it dawns on us that the elusive nature »‘ pheromones doesn’t detract from their signficance. Learn more at



Even if can’t pin down the workings of pheromones with absolute city, we don’t deny their presence. Who would be bold enough to discount the intuition of the sixth sense? Would you do that you have feelings and thoughts that seem to be govern by a sensory system quite different from your senses of smell, taste, touch, hearing, and sight? Would you refute the presence of chemical signals, or pheromones, in your life? Would you insist that you’ve never felt good or bad chemistry? Check out

Understanding Pheromones In The Wild

Pheromones can be found throughout an infested area on a grid pattern. Then, a “rope” containing disparlure was produced and employed similarly. More recently, some sprayable formulations that could be applied by air were developed. Learn more at


Experiments in Cecil County, Md., in 1976 showed that Hercon® laminated plastic dispensers placed in grids reduced mating 98°70 in sparse populations." These dispens- ers (6.5 cm’ in area; 9.5 to 10.5 mil in thickness containing 3.3 mg disparlure per square centimeter) were stapled to trees 1.5 m above the ground. One treatment consisted of 1600 dispensers placed on a 20 X 20 grid pattern. At each site there were four dispens- ers, with 5-m spacing between sites. Each plot was 1 ha in area, and the treatments were replicated three times. Another low-density treatment was arranged according to the same pattern, but 200 dispensers were placed, two to a site, at 100 sites on a 10 X 10 grid, with 10-m spacing between sites. The dispensers emitted 0.34 pg/hr/in.‘ at 32°C under a constant 100 ml per minute flow of air.” Mating in the test plots and check plots was measured by placing field—collected virgin female moths in the plots every 3 days; after that time, the females and any deposited eggs were collected. Fe- males were dissected to determine whether they had been mated, and eggs were examined for evidence of embryonation. Check out Alter Ego for Women pheromone | Learn more at


Similar tests were conducted in 1977, one an area in Massachusetts with a moderate population of the moth and another in Cecil County, Md., where populations were sparse. The plots were 1 ha in area, and dispensers were placed on a 10 X 10 grid with 10-m spacings. The amount of disparlure applied to each plot was controlled by the number of dispensers used. In Massachusetts 800, 200, and 50 dispensers per hectare were used, and in Maryland 200, 50, and 12.5 dispensers per hectare were used; each dispenser was 6.5 cm‘ in area. Mating disruption was assessed as in 1976, except that laboratory-reared female moths were used. Dispensers were placed at 1.5 m above-ground on trees. Additional tests were conducted in Maryland, with dispensers placed at a height of 6 m.

 Learn more about pheromones at


 The results in Table 4 indicate that the treatments reduced mating considerably in sparse populations though no clear dose-response relationship was observed. However, this evidence of effectiveness is encouraging. The technique may be valuable where aerial spray application is undesirable, as in residential neighborhoods. Hercon® disparlure dispensers were registered for this purpose by the Environmental Protection Agency.” Learn more at


The results obtained with 50 dispensers per hectare were biased by the presence of a single heavily infested area within one replicate. This is an example of the difficulties of conducting statistically valid tests with natural infestations. In plots with moderate populations, mating reduction was apparently more effective with the higher rates of application. Pheromones can be usefully demonstrated on small plots in dense populations, but the results ma: be of little value for prognosis of population reduction. Meanwhile, small plots are most useful for comparative evaluation of chemicals Although disparlure is relatively inexpensive, the preparation of related compound (and, more recently, of (+ )—disparlure) is costly.


During these pheromone indicator tests, it was found that the loss of disparlure from laminated dispensers occurred from the edge as well as from the surface; thus, the dimensions of the dis- penser as well as its area influenced the rate of loss. This effect may become important when small dispensers are manufactured, and it may be of special concern when one is concerned with the behavior of very small particles of laminate.


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